Community Garden, authenticity and passion

Imagine enjoying a fresh salad, a tomato intense flavor, or green beans so tender that melt in your mouth or even some tasty strawberries in season. Imagine to see grow the fruits of your effort, to grow it with your hands in a place surrounded by nature but a short walk from Rome, a place where there is no stress and to rediscover peace.

Family garden in north of Rome

For those who want a piece of land of his own, to be cultivated with his own hands, Orti di Veio offers the opportunity to have a vegetable garden for rent to share with the family where grow the one you prefer.

You can experience the pleasure of seeing blossom and grow what you sow, and discover how easy, healthy, fun and cheap to get flowers, greens and vegetables fresh and genuine to take to the table every day.

Playground and Picnic, pleasure to live and share

Grow vegetables is an activity that is good for the spirit, Orti Veii want that you can share this experience with their children, grandchildren and family. A green area, equipped with tables, barbecue and rides for the little ones, will allow you to spend in joy moments of happiness for the whole family

Orti di Veio

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