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We are a young couple, Alex and Mariella, parents of two wonderful children, Aurora and Marco. We share a great love for nature and good food handed down from our parents that although they were not peasants, have always had a passion for the land.


Thanks to them, we both had the privilege to grow in close contact with nature and to always have on the table fresh, wholesome foods from the garden of the house.


From the desire to ensure our children a similar privilege, the idea of founding the association Orti di Veio, in order to share with others the passion for the land and to allow, to anyone who wants to have a vegetable garden around her to grow at will.


The initiative, vegetable gardens for rent and sharing family

Our initiative is aimed at people of any age, origin, residence, culture and socio-economic position that they have in common a passion for the land and for their cultivation with natural methods.


We provide a vegetable garden for rent to grow at will, flanked by a park equipped with tables and barbecue, where you can spend pleasant days in the open air and a playground for the little ones.


Our project is to create a small community of people who can enjoy their passion with their loved ones, in a haven of tranquility, away from the busy city.

The Community Garden

Our gardens are located within the Park of Veii in a beautiful area of North Rome rich in natural beauty and fascinating sights.


Cultivate your vegetable garden will be easy, fun and cheap, less than a euro a day!

Orti di Veio

Via della Giustiniana 380

Roma, (RM) 00188






+39 340 9427417

+39 3478213385


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