Gli orti dall'alto

The vegetable garden for rent

Consume what has been cultivated in respect of the land and health is a guarantee for a genuine and healthy eating.


The association Orti di Veio, offers the opportunity for young, old, couples, families, or groups of friends, to have a vegetable garden on which to grow the one you prefer, from vegetables to flowers for the family they love, and why not, herbs and spices.


The family vegetable garden for rent is 70 square meters, the right balance between the need to meet the needs of a family of 4 and to not be too challenging to maintain.

The organic garden

Orti di veio promotes the culture of the cultivation of products with environmentally friendly methods and respectful to the natural balance.


Inside the vegetable garden for rent will be possible to practice organic farming, in order to avoid adverse effects on the level of pollution of water, soil and air and offer products without residues of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Orti di Veio

Via della Giustiniana 380

Roma, (RM) 00188





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